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Inferno Phantom (CREW)

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1 Inferno Phantom (CREW) on Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:51 am

Phantom LE

Chief Administrator (CA)
Chief Administrator (CA)
Crew Name: Inferno Phantoms

Summary of encounters:
1). The crew's leadership is accepting of such an alliance between MWSF and CREW.
2). Such Leadership, myself being a Commissioner of said crew, allocate and design new methods of operation due to said new alliance.
3). Myself, Phantom LE, is the Representative of the Alliance that was formed between CREW and MWSF.

Summary of crew:
The crew itself is a crew designed around a close-knit secret that is grounds to join the crew, however the case members who find themselves members are tasked with assassinations and such. As the name implies, the members of this crew are agents for Inferno(N/A), a underground syndicate that wishes to unite all gangs, mafias and cartels. The goal of the crew is unknown for the most part, really just a rag tag group of lone wolves who can get their mark with precision and style. They may/may not be filled with spies from other watched or enemy crews, however, due to a lack of communication with members, leadership keeps secrets to themselves. They are an Allied Crew.
Authorized by: Phantom LE


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