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1 Recruitment on Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:54 am


Retired Leaders
Retired Leaders
You must be a Lieutenant in order to recruit. When recruiting, you will look for...

•Levels 35+
•1.00K/D Ratio
•No crew tag
•Team/Heist gear

Then you would invite the user to the party and explain what our crew is. How many members we have, our power, influence, organization, etc.

Then there is the list of questions you must ask. Based on your own personal judgement is if they are worthy of being invited or not.

1. Give me three reasons for why you'd like to join.

2. Are you comfortable with following orders and listening to higher ranked members?

3. Do you have any problems with wearing a uniform when active with the crew?(Heist/Team gear/ black clothing/standard armor)

4. Do you see yourself as a solo player or a team based player?

5.What is your level and KD in game?

6. How old are you in the real world?

7. Rate your skill level from 1-10. 10 being the best, and 1 being awful.

8. Do you agree to keep your [MWSF] tags active?

9. Do you understand that this is not a crew, we are much more of a professional organization?

10. Do understand that if you crew kill on purpose, action will be taken?

Remember to take their ID picture at the docs with the Merryweather logo in the background and they upload the picture to the social club with their gamertag. Also, be sure to have them join a recruitment camp first and not just have them directly enter the main crew.
Happy recruiting.

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