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Alliance Guide

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1 Alliance Guide on Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:39 am


Commander/Web Master
Commander/Web Master
There are two types of allies. Active allies and inactive allies.

Active allies are other crews/clans/etc that you can play with, fight alongside, talk to, and such. They maintain an active relationship with our organization and have proven themselves both a positive influence and a useful resource.

Inactive allies are more established by the council of commissioners and aren't directly Merryweather affiliated crews, but are still considered friendly.

Neutral allies are those who we are at peace with, but unsure about. A partnership has not been established yet. But as long as you don't open fire on them, they won't upon you.

Keep in mind, that if you aren't on the council, but you have a friend in a crew that gets into your lobbies a lot, you would bring it to the council with that crew's information for them to vote upon it.

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